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Dom proctor

We don’t do generic

Our founder, Dominic Procter, began in the Information Technology industry 25 years ago. His time building teams as a software development and IT support business owner, gave him a deep knowledge of what both sides need to do great work.

This deep understanding of the tech and digital industries, and our custom-fit recruiting process, is why we can deliver on your requirements every time. We’re not just another outsourcing agency. We’ve been in the trenches. And we know what works.

We do specialised global talent, 24/7

With offices in the Philippines and Hungary, our talent pool of highly-skilled remote tech staff is available 24/7.

We’ve pooled top-tier web designers, software developers, system administrators, architects, engineers, customer service, proctors, LV 1 2 3 support staff, SEO and SEM search specialists, and other technical experts.

Perfect-fit staff are selected based on your specific requirements. And we can be as involved or hands off as you need.

Ready to build team

More than just cost-effective staffing

Nothing slows growth more than getting bogged down in day-to-day operations. That’s why we provide a team of support staff to manage the offshore operations and employment of your remote team.

With your support team in place, you can break free from operational drag and focus on growing your business.

Great work culture. Happy staff.

To improve retention and help your staff do their best work, employees are offered career development and engagement activities to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Our HR and admin teams support a healthy, open working environment. And experienced project administrators identify process bottlenecks to keep the workflow smooth and enjoyable for both you and your staff.

We build remote teams you can rely on

Value for money

Get world-class skills and exceptional work ethics at a fraction of the cost.

Flexible timing

Outsourced staff adapt to any timezone and are flexible with challenging shifts and holiday duties.

Highly educated

Every candidate is screened for exemplary education and qualifications. Continuous skills and career development ensure your remote staff are always at the top of their game.

Simple, transparent pricing

A single monthly rate covers the cost of your remote staff, including staff salary taxes, health care, HR, payroll, hardware, software, support, and admin. No hidden costs or additions.

Outstanding communication

All staff are screened for proficiency in written and spoken English. We also establish best-fit communication methods from the outset. So communication always feels natural.

Exceptional values

Every candidate is screened for their impeccable professionalism, work ethics, values, integrity and service.