Struggling to hire qualified, efficient, and effective finance professionals for your business? Are you burdened by the complexities of outsourcing financial services? Or just looking to scale with the right overheads and staff.

That’s what Outsourced Staff do. We’ve been there, and we’re here to help.

We work with you to build teams of financial experts so your business can grow.


  • Accountant (CPA)
  • Tax Specialist
  • Tax Preparer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Accountant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Corporate Finance Advisor
  • Financial Reporting Manager
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Project accountant
  • Accounting manager
  • Staff Accountant
  • Accounting supervisor
  • Investment accountant


  • Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping Supervisor
  • Bookkeepers Assistant
  • Administration Bookkeeper
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Auditor
  • General Ledger Accountant
  • Billing Clerk
  • Inventory Accountant
  • Collections Specialist
  • Bank Reconciliation Clerk
  • Fixed Assets Accountant
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Sales Ledger Clerk
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) Specialist
  • GST (Goods and Service Tax) Specialist


  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Manager
  • Payroll Tax Specialist
  • Payroll Auditor
  • Payroll Processor
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Employee Benefits Manager
  • Time and Attendance Clerk
  • Compensation Analyst
  • HRIS Analyst
  • Payroll Compliance Analyst
  • Payroll Implementation Specialist
  • Workday Payroll Consultant

We build teams of certified, trained professionals

Our goal is to take away the headache from the back office. Not give you one. We’ll put your finance department under control so you can sleep well at night. Think of us as the matchmaker in the outsourced industry.

Based on your requirements, we’ll put together a remote team that’s trained and ready to integrate into your in-house team. Or we can build you a team from scratch.

Not seeing the finance professional you need?

What’s in it for you?

  • Access to a large pool of senior-level finance experts. Carefully selected, thoroughly screened, and fully onboarded.
  • Secure system and network administration to keep your business’s valuable assets safe and protected.
  • Happy and healthy finance professionals, ready to work with your team.
  • A dedicated staff that can be available in your time zone, on holidays, and during peak business seasons.

Outsourcing financial services doesn’t just happen in a snap of a finger. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Hiring a good, experienced, and skilled finance team is like playing UNO. One wrong move and your efforts can come crashing down.

Our service starts from completely understanding your business, goals, and your challenges. This way, we’ll know exactly what you need. No assumptions and no jumping to conclusions.

Let us take care of the rough parts so you can have a smooth ride.

What outsourced financial roles do you need help with?

Our Outsourcing Journey

During the early stages of our business, we needed to hire qualified people but just can’t seem to find the right fit locally. The more we searched, the longer it took to get finance tasks done.

So, we’re thinking, why not hire someone offshore? They’ve got what we need, except the physical presence. COVID proved that physical presence really is nice to have.

We searched for Certified Xero and MYOB offshore professionals with Australian experience. We told them what our client’s needs are, what our goals are, and what problems we want to avoid. We did the heavy lifting in finding the best candidates and presented them to our client. We nailed it.

Since then, Outsourced Staff has been outsourcing exceptional remote teams for businesses and for ourselves. Owner and founder Dominic Procter, with over 25 years of Information Technology background and experience, is the heartbeat of our organization, and he knows talent and skill when he sees it.

We’re not recruiters. We run businesses. We know the struggle of finding finance employees.

We use a process that’s, based on our experience, effective in finding efficient finance employees. And we’re eager to share it with you.

How do we roll?

Imagine sitting in a cold and scary conference room, wearing tight uncomfortable suits, listening to outsourcing jargon, while keeping your hands on the table like good little boys and girls.

Now, imagine sitting in a quaint little cafe, sipping your favourite coffee, leaning back on the comfy cushioned chairs, all relaxed and smiling like normal happy people, having a light and meaningful conversation with us.

You want it simple and easy. That’s what we want, too.

Outsourced finance Team

I have been an employee of Outsourced Staff for several years, and I am proud to work for such a wonderful company! Outsourced care about their employees, encouraging good leadership, being supportive, having an extremely flexible work-from-home setup, and an incredible work-life balance! I have never worked for a company that cares about its employees and truly makes them feel valued.
I am so grateful to be part of a company that takes my personal and professional career goals seriously and sets me up for success!

Cath Data Annotation Services Lead (AI)

Working with Outsourced staff has been the greatest experience. I've been working for outsourced for 6 years, and I am still learning new things that challenge my knowledge and make me eager to learn more.
Outsourced Staff gives employees great benefits that they can use and enjoy.
At Outsourced Staff, you can have a team that is professional and dedicated that can give you advice and support all the way. I can recommend you to join our team.

Cindy Digital Conflict Manager (AI)

Working with Outsourced Staff has been nothing short of a good career move for me.
I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with a skilled, compassionate, and driven team, and my client is a top-notch web & mobile app development studio based in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia. We love clean code and great design!!
Outsourced Staff PH treats us like one whole family, always ready to support our needs towards career growth, and motivates us to drive our passion for success and considerate of our health and well-being.
Gatherings, events, and parties are a blast, and do these people know how to party!! I belong!!! Thank you, Dom! Thank you, Outsourced Staff!

Gilbert Full Stack PHP Web Developer

I've been working with Outsourced Staff as a senior media buyer / PPC expert for the past three years, working for a Sydney-based Digital Marketing Agency. It has been a great experience. My team and the internal Outsourced Staff team are professional, knowledgeable, and always available to help me with any questions or concerns I have. I appreciate their focus on delivering quality work and their commitment to meeting deadlines. I would highly recommend Outsourced Staff to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient outsourcing partner and for your next career move.

Danilo Digital Marketing Expert (Media Buyer, Google Ads, Facebook PPC expert)

We have worked with Dom over the past year and found him extraordinarily helpful. He is well-connected, has high expertise, and gels well with our company values. Have recommended him offline, so am completely comfortable recommending him online!

James Managing Director - Digital Marketing Agency - Sydney

Outsourced Staff were very accommodating. Dom and his team always made it very easy to start up quickly and be flexible in terms of manpower.

Henry Halim
Henry Director of Annotation Services - New York

Dom literally saved my ass. He understands digital and was able to find me a gun that was able to work with me and my schedule. I am super happy and pumped that my new coworker just gets the work done and comes back hungry for more. No hand-holding, just a machine. I can recommend Outsourced Staff to anyone who wants to work with experts in the Tech/digital industry, not just offshore recruiters.

Andrew Testimonial
Andrew Founder - Data Analytics Agency - Sydney

When COVID-19 hit, we were faced with a new challenge in our resourcing model. Local staff were getting poached left and right, and it became increasingly difficult to retain top talent. That's when we turned to Dom and his team at Outsourced Staff., It was truly a lifesaver for our business. Dom took the time to understand our unique needs and helped us identify the gaps in our team. The recruitment process was made much easier with Dom's expert knowledge in the digital space, plus his approach to finding the top talent, and he provided us with ongoing support and still does. The staff we received from Outsourced Staff have been nothing short of brilliant, reliable and loyal. They are "our team" and they play a critical part in our business success. I highly recommend Outsourced Staff to anyone who is in need of remote staffing solutions. They are experts, and they truly care about their client's success.

Hadyn Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency - Sydney