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How it works

You are just 3 steps away from starting your remote dedicated staffing team

Step 1. Evaluation of Requirements

  • Understanding your Business
    • Understanding the business model, objectives and processes
    • Evaluating your staffing areas of improvement as well as office operational requirements
  • Evaluation of Needs
    • Understanding the Role
    • Collection of Requirements
      • Job Description
      • Qualifications
      • Work Shift
      • Other office requirements such as desktop applications and other office equipment to support your staff functions
      • Budget Range
      • Outsourced Staff has an existing database of candidates and can give you an idea on the average salary for the requirement
  • Service Proposal and Agreement
    • We provide flexible terms and agreements for all businesses
    • We provide other options that will work on your budget

Step 2. Screening and Selection of Candidates

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  • Pooling, Screening, Qualifying, Testing, Profiling, and Selection of Candidates
    • We make it easier for you to select candidates by carefully evaluating your needs and budget
    • We conduct pre-selection screening and match your requirements with the right candidates, we won’t waste your time interviewing unqualified applicants
    • We profile candidates that will help you easily evaluate and compare each one
    • We provide efficient interview arrangements with you and the candidates – you will always the opportunity to interview the candidates
    • We have a flexible recruitment process that will work on your schedule and requirements
    • We will not rush you in selecting your staff, we pool candidates until you find right the team
  • Job Offer
    • We have flexible contracts to match your requirements and your budget, and align it to the candidate’s conditions, the staff are employed by us, dedicated to you.
    • We ensure that you and the staff will be secured by providing Philippine labor law-compliant contracts.
    • Once we have selected the staff we then make a formal job offer and set a start date.

Step 3. Full Implementation and Management Support

Staff Orientation

  • Provides an overview and expectations working for an international (offshore) employer
  • Provide office policies, procedures and processes
  • Arranges company orientation between you and the staff
  • We help educate you on the best methods for communication and training.

Dedicated Remote Staffing

  • We provide the dedicated staff, they are then available for you to  directly train, monitor, and manage. We are always here to help
  • No sharing of manpower, the staff is dedicated to serve you
  • We help the staff deliver you quality reporting and be more committed towards work on an ongoing basis

Office Administration and Staffing Management

  • Everyday, we ensure that your people are supported and fully equipped to be more productive and deliver their job at the highest level
  • We provide activities and good working relationship between the staff and you to promote loyalty and be more committed to their jobs
  • We help you identify the bottlenecks in managing people and help the staff be more productive through process improvements

Outsourced Staff takes care of your business and your staff, we treat everyone as our own.

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