Why Outsource 1

Work with a team who has run your business before?

40+ Years in the IT industry ensures we find you the right remote staff every time.

Why Outsource?


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO).

Outsourcing Staff provides BPO, KPO, RPO or ITO. All have their own cost and productivity advantages, we are fully equipped with state-of-the-art office facilities and locations which operate 24/7. We at Outsourced Staff pride ourself on harnessing the benefits of having our operations based in multiple locations around the world. It allows us to give cost-effective and flexible outsourcing solutions to our clients. And it’s not just all about the location. It is the dedication that the staff put into their job. Exceptionally hard working, word-class professionals and one that take their job seriously and are a pleasure to work with.
Value for money
Outsourced Staff deliver quality results. The difference in labour costs of Outsourced Staff Talent and the operational effectiveness between other countries has been the advantage of Outsourced staff for years. Our professionals have world-class skills and exceptional working ethics. Contact us
Flexible and diverse
Outsourced staff adapt to any timezone and are flexible with challenging shifts and even holiday duties. As individuals our staff are compatible with foreign cultures. This gives us the edge against other providers in providing excellent offshore solutions based in multiple continents. Contact us
Highly educated
All our staff have a deep regard for education, they view it as the main avenue for upward social and economic mobility. Adapted from the Western public education system,  Good education, continuous skills development and career advancements make our remote staff the ideal teams for any business. Contact us
Excellent work values
Our teams have excellent work ethic, values, integrity, loyalty, are service-oriented, and have a kaizen mindset (continual improvement). They have a friendly working environment that they foster in any organisation’s culture. At Outsourced Staff we  know what having fun is without neglecting our responsibilities. All our staff place a high regard on professionalism towards their work. Contact us
One hourly rate
Outsourced staff provide you with one hourly rate. This includes everything, no hidden costs or additions – salary, taxes, health care, HR, Payroll, computer, internet, support, admin – we roll this into your hourly rate. Think of having a remote offshore team as a matter of a business cost rather than an employment expense from your company. Contact us
Nothing is lost in translation
Our staff are all screened for  English-speaking  and writing skills up front. This means conversing with your remote staff comes naturally.  All cultures are different so we work with you to train the staff on any cultural sensitivities on an ongoing basis.  We assist you in the best communication methods and are able to guide you on the best approach to ongoing communications with your staff. Contact us