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Managed NOC / SOC Helpdesk

We are techs and we love it, that’s why it works. We are not recruiters yet we recruit the best and we are not megacorp but we can work with the big guys. We work with you and your clients to find the best solution that is a win-win for both.

Our fully Managed Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Security Operation Centre (SOC) is located in Hungary consisting of 40+ IT Engineers with between 10 – 27 years experience each.  Our philosophy is to think outside the square when the solution required isn’t a conventional one. You get that from being in IT for your entire career. Unlike most NOC offerings we pride ourselves on actually delivering the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. You only get this when you work as a team, not just a supplier.
  • We work with small, medium and large clients equally.
  • We work as a true extension of your team.
  • We work on flexible terms with your tools and rules.
  • Our approach is easily scalable in multiple ways.
  • We help you with onboarding new clients, project management, project work, training, recruitment and even consulting.
  • 100% white-label options as and when required.
  • Onsite Hardware engineers available Australia and UK wide. 50% coverage of other EU locations
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NOC SOC Competencies

We can’t know everything but we give it a good try! If we don’t have the skills or experience we will be upfront and tell you. We love to learn and if it is a specific requirement that we get certified then together we build a project and build it into our services agreement. Our competencies include but are not limited to;
  • We are an official Microsoft Partner.
  • We are skilled in Microsoft Virtualization technologies in terms of management, troubleshooting and design. Up to the enterprise level.
  • AD, DS, AD CA, DNS, DHCP, WDS, WSUS, Clustering, Hyper-V, SC OM, SC DPM, SQL AAG, Cluster, Monitoring.
  • The full suite of Office 365.
  • Azure: Creation, Installation of VMs, VM operation management, support, Computer / Networking / Storage settings management in Azure Portal.
  • MS SQL servers.
  • Cisco
  • StorageCraft systems.
  • Linux server management. Core, Tomcat servers, in high availability environments. LibreNMS, Icinga.
  • We cover most devices including mobile, desktop, server, and infrastructure. Endpoint devices, firewalls, 2FA, IDS, IPS. Networks, VLAN.
  • Some of our hardware competencies: HP, Intel, Fujitsu servers. HP, Dell, IBM storage devices. Industrial mobile devices. Most client devices such as desktops.
  • We use our own in-house secure data management systems to store and access sensitive information.
  • We are competent at using Datto systems. – Certification scheduled for Quarter 3 2020.
  • Sophos certifications are continually being achieved by the team and new members as they come on board at Engineer and Architect levels.
  • We are competent at Anti Virus products such as Sophos, ESET, MS etc.
    • We use RMM and ticketing tools such as Solarwinds, Connectwise Autotask etc.
    • We are flexible to use any ticketing or RMM given the appropriate access and process guidelines.
  • We use ITGlue for sensitive customer data access.
  • We have limited Apple product experience however we are happy to advance should it be required.


We adhere to the strictest rules and guidelines internally when dealing with customer data and change management. We will also adopt the security guidelines of our clients on a site to site basis. We use identity management so no password is revealed during login sessions so no leaks are possible. This is further enhanced by 2FA sessions that are centrally controlled from the main office. ISO 27001. We implement and enforce ISO regulations for the clients we manage when required and agreed to.

Physical Security

Physical Office security. We employ multiple layers of security throughout our premises such as fingerprint access to individual offices, 24/7 guarded premises. Home offices and work mobile devices are regularly audited, we adhere to all client access requirements, VPN etc. Client remote policies will be adhered to on a site by site basis.

Staff experience

Staff rotation is very low as we aim to employ staff for the long term. We provide the best conditions for them to stay onboard, this contributes to one of our strengths; extremely high work ethics and quality of service. We invest large sums of money and effort into training and staff satisfaction. This is key for us to be able to provide the best of breed services. Experience ranges from staff with 10-27 years in the industry per person.

NOC Trial options

We are happy to offer various trial options that may suit the client. We feel this is the best approach so as to ensure a smooth kickoff ramping up to full production after the completion of the trial. Initial scoping is done between the client’s primary contact and our Service Delivery manager. This scoping will flesh out the Scope of Works, SLA’s Communication channels, Access etc. This scoping is done regardless of which trial option is selected.

Change Management processes

  • Configuration changes, modifications require a CM Form request by IT Pros à approving CM form required to modifications in the production environment (Approved By: IT Manager or IT Director)
  • Access Rights request in AR form (Approved By: leader of the affected area)
  • using 2FA settings if applicable)
  • Central Management if applicable (example: AD directory, Azure AD)
  • Access Rights regular, periodic review of all system components (ERP, WMS, …)
  • Inside directory structure / shared directory
  • Named accounts (if applicable)
  • Ongoing IT Security education
  • Ongoing IT Professional training
  • Employee entry/exit procedure
  • Privacy Statement / Non-disclosure agreements
  • Did we mention ongoing Educations and Training, our team loves tech.
  • Security guards, barrier entry
  • Access Control System into the Office
  • ISO internal audit and Certification Audit annually
  • BCP, DRP plans)
  • GDPR overview, compliance with data management procedures
  • Personal data, especially personal passwords management

Internal Policies Risk Mitigation:

  • Police check for staff
  • 2FA authentication to System / Remote Management, Ticketing System
  • Bitlocker (In Use on Notebooks)
  • Monthly: inspection of Devices
  • Regular manual check of AV agents, clients
  • Employee entry/exit procedure
  • Privacy Statement
  • Education, ongoing training
  • IT Security regulation
  • Internal O365 administration rights only 2 most senior persons within the company
  • Using Authy 2FA authentication tool: access/logins are trackable from a central location
  • Internal knowledge Base regular, periodic inspection for sensitive company data
  • Passwords for Management and Ticketing systems can be stored only in KeyPass tool

IT Regulations

  • IT Security Regulation
  • IT Security Policy
  • Backup and Archive creation. Regulations
  • Development, Testing, Operation supporting Regulations
  • IT asset inventory
  • Risk management, evaluation
  • ISO KPI monthly report (***)
  • Weekly Server / Network Operator Meetings, Task assignment, Task evaluation
  • Project / Development Management: Planning, Preparation / Testing – Implementation – Installation / Operation Support
  • Inside Policies
  • Documentation
  • Status memo
  • Network map
  • Configuration backups
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